Current Collaborators


Steve Boker, Ph.D.
University of Virginia, Department of Psychology
Professor of Quantitative Psychology



Dante Cicchetti, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota, Institute of Child development
McKnight Presidential Chair, William Harris Professor of Child Development and Psychiatry
Me and My Family Project, Peer Ethology Project, Project FUTURE



E. Mark Cummings, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame, Family Studies Center
Professor of Psychology
Me and My Family Project



Mona El-Sheikh, Ph.D.
Auburn University, Human Development & Family Studies
Leonard Peterson & Co., Inc. Professor
Project THRIVE


Brandon Gibb, Ph.D.
Binghamton University, Psychology
Professor of Psychology
Project THRIVE



Fred Rogosh, Ph.D.
University of Rochester, Mt. Hope Family Center
Peer Ethology Project (PEP), Project Connect




Sheree Toth, Ph.D.
University of Rochester, Department of Psychology
Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry
Project HOPE, Project PROMISE



Former Students or Visiting Students Who are Current Collaborators


Sonnette Bascoe, Ph.D. (Former Student)
Roberts Wesleyan College, Department of Psychology
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
Me & My Family Project



Jesse Coe, Ph.D. (Former Student)
Brown University, Alpert Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, NIMH T32 Program in Child Mental Health
Project STEP, Me & My Family Project



Rochelle Hentges, Ph.D. (Former Student)
University of Calgary, Department of Psychology
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Project STEP, Project FUTURE



Aylin Koçak, Ph.D. (Former Visiting Student)
Izmir University of Economics, Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Individual Projects



Meredith Martin, Ph.D. (Former Student)
Syracuse University, Department of Psychology
Assistant Teaching Professor
Me & My Family Project, Project BRIDGE, Peer Ethology Project



Jennifer Suor, Ph.D. (Former Student)
University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Psychiatry
NICHD F32 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow



Willemijn van Eldik, Ph.D. (Former Visiting Student)
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Psychology
Ph.D. Candidate
Me and My Family Project , Individual Projects