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Ph.D. Students

Xinxian Chen is from China. In 2019, he graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, where he completed his B.Sc. in chemistry and B.Phil. in philosophy. As an undergraduate in chemistry, Xinxian gained some experience in wavefunction-based simulation methods for quantum dynamics. He joined the Franco group in December of 2019, and now is working on understanding entanglement and decoherence processes with rationalized simulation methods.

Vishal Tiwari, finished his B.S., M.S. from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research(IISER), Mohali, India in 2019 and is from Jaipur, India. He worked in stabilizing the linear geometry of water molecule in presence of high intensity high frequency oscillating electric field for his M.S. thesis. He joined the Franco group in 2019, and is currently working in theory and computation of optical absorption properties of laser dressed materials. He likes to play volleyball and video games.

Ignacio Gustin, received his BS degree in Chemical Physics from National University of Córdoba (Argentina) in 2019. During his undergraduate he became interested in Chemical Physics and Quantum Mechanics and joined the Raúl A. B. Marún group for his senior thesis. There, he worked in the determination of metastable states in collisional complexes through Green’s functions. He joined the Franco group in December 2020 and now is working on the study of realistic decoherence dynamics of molecules in the condensed phase by combining experimental information and theoretical methods. Outside of the lab, he enjoys soccer, climbing, and drinking a glass of good wine.

Rachel Stromswold received a BS in Physics and a BA in mathematics from SUNY Binghamton in 2019. She has done applied research in quantum computing and is currently interested in realistic electrodynamic simulations of systems in high intensity fields.

Undergraduate Students

Rylee Neumann is a senior undergraduate Chemistry major from Arlington, Virginia. He is interested in quantum dynamics and applications to quantum computing, and is currently working on clarifying quantum decoherence in excited state molecular dynamics. He also loves to crochet and go backpacking.

Luis Alejandro Sierra Ossa is a senior undergraduate chemistry major’s student from Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. He is interested in quantum dynamics of open quantum systems and light-matter interaction. He is currently working on the calculation of optical absorption properties of laser-dressed materials. Outside academics, he enjoys sports and travelling.

Anjana Seshadri, 2021—2022.

Yueheng Min, Summer 2021.

Luis Delgado, Summer 2021.


Prof. Chang Woo Kim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Sep. 2019– Aug. 2021. Currently: Assistant Professor, Chonnam National U. (Korea) (link)

Garrett Beals, Undergraduate Student, Jan. 1, 2020– May 2021. Thesis: “Finite-Difference Time-Domain Electrodynamics Simulations of Petahertz Electronics”. Recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2021. Currently: Ph.D. student at Columbia.

Dr. Leopoldo Mejía, Ph.D. Student, Jan. 1, 2017– August 18, 2021. Thesis: “Mechanical Control of Charge Transport and Chemical Reactivity in Molecular Junctions”. Recipient of the 2021 ACS Graduate Award in Theoretical Chemistry. Currently: PDF at Berkeley (Rabani).

Dr. Wenxiang Hu, Ph.D. Student, Feb. 1, 2016 – May 6, 2021. Thesis: “Modeling and control of quantum decoherence in molecules”. Currently: Data Scientist at Amazon.

Dr. Antonio Garzón, Ph.D. Student, Jan. 1, 2016– Feb. 25, 2021. Thesis: “Ultrafast Control of Electrons Using Few-cycle Laser Pulses.” Currently: PDF at McGill (Simine).

Dr. Bing Gu, Postdoctoral Fellow, September 1, 2016– October 30, 2018. Recipient of the 2018 ACS Physical Chemistry Young Investigator Award. Currently: PDF at UC Irvine (Mukamel) (link)

Dr. Liping Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow, July 1, 2013– March 1, 2016. Currently: Researcher at Zhejiang U.

Dr. Arnab Kar, Postdoctoral Fellow, July 1, 2014– July 1, 2016. Currently: Engineer at Intel.

Dr. Zhi Li, Ph.D. Student, Jan. 1, 2014– Jan 5, 2019. Thesis: “Frontiers in the Atomistic Modeling of Molecular Junctions: Bringing Theory Closer to Experiment”. Currently: Data scientist at ApartmentList.

Dr. Alessandro Pirrotta, Ph.D. Student, U. Copenhagen, 2013–2017 (co-supervised with Prof. G.C. Solomon). Thesis: “Modulating Pathways for Electron and Energy Transfer Through Molecules”. Currently: Data science Engineer at PFA Pension, Copenhagen.

Daniel Carstairs, Undergraduate Student, U. Rochester. Fall 2020.

Francisco Fernández, M.Sc. Student, U. Madrid. Summer 2019. Currently: Ph.D. student at UAM.

Yuly Chamorro, Visiting M.Sc. Student, Jan 15, 2019– May 15, 2019. Currently: Ph.D. student at Groningen.

Diego Garay, Undergraduate Student, U. Barcelona. Summer 2018. Currently: Ph.D. student at Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia.

Pawel Wojcik, Undergraduate Student, U. Warsaw, Poland. Summer 2017. Currently: Ph.D. student with Anna Krylov at USC.

Reshmi Dani, Undergraduate Student, IIT-Guwahati, India. Summer 2016. Currently: Ph.D. student with Nancy Makri at U. Illinois.

Dr. Ulises Torres, Undergraduate Student, UNAM, Mexico. Summer 2015.

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