Alumni 1980-1989

PHDName of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
1989Ballocchi, GiuseppeMeasurement of [pi] production at low transverse momentum.Res.Inst Applied Economics, ZurichSr. Research ScientistFerbel, T.HEE
1989Chen, Hsiu-ChengSubnanosecond time-resolved electron diffraction studies of short-pulse laser heating in thin gold films.Mourou, G./Knox, R.OPTE
1989Gage, Edward CharlesInvestigation of fluctuations in one- and two-mode dye lasers.Mandel, L.QOE
1989Kernan, Warnick J.One- and two-neutron transfer using very heavy spherical and deformed nuclei.EGG Scientific Research (Los Alamos)ScientistCline, D.NSRL
1989Lanaro, Armando[Pi]j production with Ke and [pi]+ beams at 530 GeV/c.INFN, Frascati National Lab, ItalyScientistFerbel, T.PPX
1989Norris, Theodore BlakeTime-resolved tunneling in GaAs quantum well structures.Univ. Michigan, Applied PhysicsProfessorKnox/Mourou
1989Saumon, DidierHydrogen equation of state for astrophysical applications.Los AlamosScientistVan Horn, H.M.A/AP
1988Dasu, Sridhara RaoPrecision measurement of x, Qu2 and A-Dependence of R=uSuL/uSuT and Fu2 in deep inelastic scattering.Univ. Wisconsin-MadisonAssistant Prof.Bodek, A.HEE
1988Franchi, Daniel S.Excitation transport and electrical conductivity in disordered media.Mukamel, S.CHM
1988Hemmick, Thomas K.Search for anomalously heavy isotopes of low Z nuclei.SUNY-Stony BrookProfessorElmore, D./OlsenNSRL
1988Hong, Chung KiInvestigation of two-photon correlation effects in parametric down-conversion.Mandel, L.OQ
1988Koupelis, TheodorosRotation and magnetic fields as an acceleration mechanism in astrophysical jets.Univ. Wisconsin-MarathanProfessorVan Horn, H.M.A/AP
1988Liu, Xiao-Yuan (Janet)Optical spectroscopy of tyrosine in protein : a protein dynamics study.Nordlund, T.BP
1988Meyer, Kevin E.Study of subpicosecond electron transport in GaAs using transient photoconductivity and transient absorption spectroscopy.Mourou, G./Castner, T.
1988Migliuolo, MicheleAC conductivity measurements in insulating Si:P near the metal-insulator transition.Castner, T.G.SSE
1988Mori, ToshinoriTotal hadronic cross section in electron-positron annihilation at center-of-mass energies from 50 to 57 GeV.Univ. TokyoProfessorOlsen, S. L.HEE
1988Panigrahi, Prasanta KumarStudies on the Chern-Simons terms in string and field theories.Univ. Hyderabad, IndiaAssistant Prof.Das, A.PPT
1988Pinto, Marcus Venicius CougoApplications of Kac-Moody algebras in quantum field theory.Inst. De Fisica, BrazilProfessorOkubo, S.HET
1988Scherer, WolfgangCanonical quantization of constrained systems and coadjoint orbits of Diff(Su1)IndustryAnalystDas, A.HET
1988Sue, JamesFluorescence and Raman line shapes of polyatomic molecules in solution.Mukamel, S.CHEM
1988Wuensch, WalterExperiment to search for galactic axions.CERNAssoc. ScientistMelissinos, A.C.HEE
1988Zarifis, Vassilis GeorgeElectron spin resonance studies near the metal-insulator transition.Castner, T.G.CM
1988Zhang, HuazhongGlobal aspects of gauge anomalies.Jackson State Univ.Assistant Prof.Okubo, S.HET
1987Behrends, SteveMeasurement of the tau lifetime at [surd] s = 10.5 GeV.Lincoln Labs, MITScientistOlsen, S. L.HEE
1987Christian, William R.Effects of backscattering on the fluctuation properties of a He-Ne ring laser.Mandel, L.QOE
1987Dunlap, David H.Studies of carrier transport and lattice relaxation in solids.Univ. New MexicoAssoc. ProfessorKenkre, V.CMT
1987Dutta, Sanghamitra BanerjeeMeasurement of the optical isotope shifts of stable gadolinium isotopes.NASAScientistCline, D./Clark, D.NSRL
1987Fleisher, DennisSound pressure distribution in front of a serrated boundary : standing wave suppression and diffusion.MusonicsAcoustics Consultant & DesignerKnox, R. S.PHY/MUSIC Theory
1987Ghosh, RupamanjariInvestigation of non-classical effects in two-photon interference processes.Mandel, L.QOE
1987Guida, Jan MarieOpposite-sign dileptons from B-meson decay.AT&TScientistThorndike, E.HEE
1987Guida, Joan AnneDetermining [Gamma] ([beta]-->[up lepton neutrino])/[Gamma] ([beta]-->[charm lepton neutrino]) from the end-point region of the lepton momentum spectrum in B-meson decay.AT&TScientistThorndike, E.HEE
1987Herman, Bruce JayCoherent three-pulse optical propagation in a collisionally broadened Raman amplifier.Eberly, J.H.QOT
1987Karev, AlexanderStudies in the derivative expansion and finite temperature quantum field theory.Commodities Corp LTD New JerseyAnalystDas, A. & Mathur, V.S.PPT
1987Kim, KisikField correlations within three-dimensional, primary sources.Inha UniversityWolf, E.QOT
1987Koon, Daniel WarrenHall effect in arsenic-doped silicon near the metal-insulator transition.St. Lawrence Univ.Assoc. ProfessorCastner, T.G.SSX
1987Kwon, Young HunStudies on strings and anomalies.Hanyang Univ., KoreaAssoc. ProfessorDas, A.PPT
1987Rogers, Joseph ThomasLimits on the electromagnetic coupling and density of galactic axions.Cornell UniversityAssoc. ProfessorMelissinos, A.C.PPX
1987Smith, James FrancisStatistical nuclear spectroscopy : new methods and applications.French, J. B.NT
1987Tipton, Paul L.Lepton-Kaon correlations in B-meson decay.Yale UniversityProfessorThorndike, E.HEE
1987Woodward, Charles E.High spatial resolution observations of dust and gas in NGC 7027 & the M8 hourglass.U. Minnesota- Minneapolis, Astron.Dept.ProfessorPipher, J.L.P/AST
1986Chaki, TarumA study of defects in amorphous solids.Li, J.C.M./Castner, T.CME
1986DeBievre, StephanScattering in relativistic particle mechanics.Emch, G.G.MTH PHY
1986Deri, Robert J.High frequency electronic conduction in Si:As near the metal-insulator transition.Castner, T.G.CME
1986Hanzlik, Cheryl A.Picosecond fluorescence of phycocyanin 612 and of Hematoporphyrin derivatives.Xerox CorporationKnox, R.S.BP
1986Herman, Michael GordonStudy of the characteristics of high energy gamma radiation following the fusion of Cl + Fe.Medical PhysicsScientistCormier, T.M.NSRL
1986Lett, Paul DavidStatistical properties of one- and two-mode dye lasers.Mandel, L.QO
1986Lim, Hwa AunStudies on strong-coupling approximations in a class of supersymmetric field theories, and, dynamical symmetry breaking aa la Nambu-Jona-Lasanio.D'Trends, Inc.PresidentDas, A.PPT
1986Martin, Alexander GednyLaser spectroscopy of radioactive barium and strontium isotopes.Spanish UniversityProfessorClark D./Cline, D.NSRL
1986Newman, Jeffrey D.Investigation of dynamic laser speckle phenomena using photon limited detection.Dainty, J. C.OPT
1986Rogers, Warren FranklinBeta-NMR magnetic moment measurements using on-line mass separation and tilted foil polarization.Westmont University, CaliforniaProfessorCline, D./Clark, D.NSRL
1986Shafarman, William NathanMagnetic tuning of the metal-insulator transition in arsenic-doped silicon.Castner, T.G.SS
1986Sinha, RahulMeson glueballs and composite bosons of weak interaction.Inst. Math. Science Madras IndiaResearch ScientistOkubo, S.PPT
1986Tomsovic, Steven L.Bounds on the time-reversal non-invariant nucleon-nucleon interaction derived from transition-strength fluctuations.Washington StateProfessorFrench, J. B.HET
1986Tsironis, George P.Transport studies in nonlinear dimers and molecular solids.Univ. of Crete, GreeceKenkre, V.
1986Westling, Lynn A.Stimulated Raman scattering with a multimode pulsed dye laser.Eberly, J.H.OPT
1986Wittmershaus, Bruce P.Excitation transfer in photosystem I and chloroplasts : a picosecond time-resolved fluorescence study.Behrend College of Penn State Univ.Assoc. ProfessorKnox, R. S.BP
1986Yamanoi, MotoomiGeneralization of the optical Bloch equation and its consequences.Eberly, J.H.QOT
1985Andersen, John DavidTransport theory for photo-injected electrons in naphthalene.RITAssoc. ProfessorKenkre, V.CMT
1985Deng, ZhifangMultiphoton ionization in strong radiation fields.Eberly, J.H.QOT
1985Frieberg, Stephen R.Investigation of correlation effects in nonlinear optics.NTT Basic Research Lab., JapanMandel, L.QOE
1985Gulen, DemetExcitation kinetics and dynamics in complexes of small numbers of chromophores.Middle East Technical Univ., AnkaraAssoc. ProfessorKnox, R. S.BPT
1985Lang, KarolExperimental study of dimuons produced in high energy neutrino interactions.Univ. Texas-AustinProfessorBodek, A.HEE
1985Maluf, Jose W.Matrix relativity and gauge fields.Univ. de Brasilia, BrazilProfessorOkubo, S.HET
1985McDermott, Patrick N.Nonradial oscillations of neutron stars.Wayne State, Radiaton Oncology and Radiology Depts.AdjunctVan Horn, H.M.AP
1985Nicolis, Nick GeorgeAngular momentum transfer to medium mass evaporation residues.Univ. Ioannina, GreeceProfessorCormier, T.M.NSRL
1985Reiner, Philip J.Search for anomalous long range interactions at highly relativistic velocities.IndustryScientistMelissinos, A.C.HEE
1985Shimizu, SachikoModel for nuclear matter in terms of quark clusters.Koltun, D.NT
1984Bocko, Mark F.Back action evasion force measurements.University of Rochester, ECE Dept.ProfessorJohnson, W.W.CME
1984Brown, David WinslowNeutron scattering and muon spin rotation as probes of light interstitial transport.Inst. Nonlinear Science,U.CA-San DiegoKenkre, V.CMT
1984Chadwick, KeithObservation of [symbol for chi] [subscript b] states in the decays of the [symbol for upsilon] (2s).Fermi National LaboratoryComputer AnalystOlsen, S. L.HEE
1984Ferraro, Robert D.Nonlinear finite beta saturation of the drift cyclotron loss cone instability.Jet Propulsion Lab, CASimon, A.PPF
1984Kalara, SunilPossibilities of grand unification with supersymmetry.Attorney, Houston TexasAttorneyMathur, V.S.HET
1984Kotlinski, BohdanQuadrupole collectivity in Ge, Pd and Er.PSI Laboratory, SwitzerlandSenior ScientistCline, D.NSRL
1984Kyrola, Erkki T.Theoretical study of coherent excitation of quasicontinua.Univ. HelsinkiEberly, J.H.QOT
1984Marsden, James RandolphStudy of internal friction in aluminum-magnesium alloys.Douglass, D.CM
1984Moneti, AndreaPolarization and infrared imaging of regions of star formation.IAS, FranceScientistPipher, J.L.AST
1984Muhlfelder, BarryLow noise DC SQUID amplifiers and related systems.Johnson, W.W.CM
1984Narici, LivioDielectric measurements on doped silicon.II Universita Degli Studi, ItalyDouglass, D.SSE
1984New, David A.Effect of spin-dependent donor cluster polarizabilities on the magnetocapacitance of n-type silicon.Castner, T.G.SSX
1984Palumbo, Anthony C.Ferromagnetic and spin glass behavior in FeCr.Parks, R.SSE
1984Parris, Paul E.Sensitized luminescence as a probe of exciton transport in organic molecular solids.Univ. Missouri-RollaProfessorKenkre, V.CMT
1984Stockdale, Ian E.Search for neutrino oscillations with large values of delta-m-squared.Inktomi Corp.Software ManagerBodek, A.HET
1983Berg, David M.Measurement of the radiative decay width of the K*e meson.Fermi National LaboratoryComputer ProfessionalFerbel, T.HEE
1983Ganci, Paul R.Study of the semileptonic decays of B mesons into electrons.IndustryScientistMelissinos, A.C.HEE
1983Krassner, JerryObservations of the unidentified 3.3 [symbol for mu] m emission feature in compact HII regions.Dynamics Technology, Inc.VP-Intelligence /Surveillance /Reconnaissance (Business Area)Pipher, J.L.A/AP
1983Lacasse, Marc G.Optical and infrared polarization as a probe of matter near stars.Steward Obs., Univ. ArizonaScientistPipher, J.L.AST
1983McLaughlin, Michael R.Measurement of [pi] , [eta], and direct photon production at high transverse momentum.Slattery, P.HEE
1983Reece, Charles E.Superconducting microwave cavity parametric converter transducer sensitive to 10 m harmonic motion.Jefferson LaboratoryScientistMelissinos, A.C.HEE
1983Ritchie, Jack L.Hadronic charm production by protons and pions on iron.Univ. Texas-AustinProfessorBodek, A.HEE
1983Rucinski, GaryEvidence against exotic decays of b-flavored hadrons.Bolt, Beranek+Newman, Newton MAOlsen, S. L.HEE
1983Short, RalphPhoton statistics of single atoms and dye lasers.Mandel, L.QOE
1983Starikov, AlexanderApplication of diagonal representations to problems of partial optical coherence, imaging and least-squares estimation.Wolf, E.QET
1983Stwertka, PeterStudy of mass distributions of evaporation residues from the Si + Sn reactions.KodakScientistCormier, T.M.NSRL
1983Wajid, AbdulStudy of internal friction in phosphorus and boron doped silicon single crystals.Douglass, D.
1983Wu, Ching-YenE2 collective behavior in the even-even osmium and platinum nuclei.Univ. of RochesterSenior Research AssociateCline, D.NSRL
1983Yamawaki, Mieko TanakaQCD sum-rules and pseudoscalar mesons.Sugiyama Jogakkuen U., JapanProfessorMathur, V.S.HET
1983Yoo, Hyung-InOn-resonance properties of a three-level atom with quantized field modes.Eberly, J.H.QOT
1982Cabot, WilliamTwo-dimensional accretion disk structure and stability.LLNLScientistSavedoff, M.P.A/AP
1982Chandlee, Clark C.Determination of the radiative decay width of the K*+ (890) meson.IndustryScientistSlattery, P.HEE
1982Huston, Joey W.Measurement of the radiative decay width of the positive RHO meson.Michigan StateProfessorLobkowicz, F.HEE
1982Murgai, VijayCooperative valence fluctuations and magnetic moment instabilities in rare earth intermetallics.Parks, R.LT
1982Rab, ShaheenTwo body mesic exchange current contribution to M1 transitions and magnetic moments of complex nuclei.Koltun, D.NST
1982Shepanski, JohnPhotophysics of chlorophyll and carotenoid in solution and in a photosynthetic protein complex.Brainbridge Technology Group, LTDKnox, R. S.CMT
1982Singh, SurendraStatistical properties of single-mode and two-mode lasers.Univ. ArkansasProfessorMandel, L.QOE
1982Winget, Donald E.Gravity mode instabilities in DA white dwarfs.Univ. Texas-Austin, Astronomy Dept.ProfessorVan Horn, H.M.A/AP
1981Cihangir, SelcukMeasurement of the radiative decay widths of the A P+ b2 s and K* p+ s (1430) mesons.Fermi National LaboratoryEngr. ScientistLobkowicz, F.HEE
1981Herter, Terry L.Excitation conditions in HII regions.Cornell University, Astronomy Dept.ProfessorPipher, J.L.A/AP
1981Kundu, PrasunNew exact and asymptotic solutions of the stationary vacuum Einstein equations.Univ. Madras, IndiaProfessorOkubo, S.HET
1981Miller, Martin TInelastic scattering of high energy Muons from nuclear targets.Lecroy Research CorporationScientistMelissinos, A.C.HEE
1981Poling, Ronald A.Study of the Muon decays of b-flavored Hadrons.Univ. MinnesotaProfessorThorndike, E.HEE
1981Roy, RajarshiInvestigation of fluctuation phenomena in dye lasers.Univ. MarylandProfessorMandel, L.QOE
1981Tosa, YansunariSearch for grand unification groups.IndustryScientistOkubo, S.HET
1980Grier, Boyce H.Experimental studies of an Anderson lattice system.Lucent TechnologiesParks, R.CME
1980Huang, Chour-YihLength dependence of laser photon statistics.Mandel, L.QOE
1980Jagannathan, KannanDecays of mesons containing heavy quarks.Amherst CollegeProfessorMathur, V.S.HET
1980Jensen, TerrenceMeasurement of the radiative decay width of the RHO meson.Iowa State Univ.Staff ScientistFerbel, T.HEE
1980Konopnicki, Marek J.Theory of coherent propagation of short different-wavelength optical pulses in three-level absorbers.Eberly, J.H.QOT
1980Sanchez-Mondragon, J. JavierDynamical and spectral properties of the coherent state Jaynes-Cummings model.Eberly, J.H.QOT
1980Stavola, Michael J.Cooperative vibronic spectra.Lehigh UniversityProfessorDexter, D. L.CMT
1980Tan, Hock SiewEffect of uniaxial stress on the donor polarizabilities of phosphorous and antinomy-doped silicon.National Univ. of SingaporeCastner, T.G.SSE
1980Yeh, Jen-JyeStochastic theory of near resonant atom-radiation interactions.Eberly, J.H.QET