For help or information pertaining to any aspect of the undergraduate program, please contact the undergraduate program coordinator or the appropriate undergraduate faculty advisor.

Undergraduate Coordinator

Lysa Wade
Bausch & Lomb 210
(585) 275-4356

Physics Advisor

Professor Kelly A. Douglass
Bausch & Lomb 425
(585) 275-5549

Physics and Astronomy Advisor

Professor Eric Blackman
Bausch & Lomb 417
(585) 275-0537

Transfer and AP Credit

Good grades on AP exams can be used towards department credit. IB courses generally do not receive department credit but students with a grade of 7 on the advanced physics may be considered for credit.  

Requests for transfer credits are handled by the department's undergraduate office in Bausch & Lomb 211. When possible, students should obtain approval of transfer credit before taking a course elsewhere, in order to be certain that transfer credit will be awarded.

See the transfer and AP credit page for more information.  


While there are not set courses required for law school entry, students interested in pursuing law should visit our pre-law page and speak to an advisor about how best to prepare for law school. 

Additional Information

The department has also complied some general information on their sundry page on the following:

  • Math skills prior to college
  • Email and computer literacy
  • Help in physics and math
  • Upper-level writing courses