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Ivan Sag

Center for Language Sciences

The Ivan A. Sag Lectures

The Center for Language Sciences at the University of Rochester is proud to announce the inaugural annual Ivan A. Sag Fellowship and Lectures in the Language Sciences. The Sag Fellowship brings a leader in the language sciences to Rochester for an extended visit, during which the Fellow give a series of weekly lectures.

The Sag Fellowship and Lectures commemorate the late Professor Ivan A. Sag, a University of Rochester alumnus who was one of the foremost language scientists, cognitive scientists, and linguists of his time.

The 2023 Sag Fellow is Professor John Beavers, Department Chair and Robert D. King Centennial Professor of Liberal Arts in the Department of Linguistics at UT Austin.

Professor Beavers will explore the topic of lexical semantics, in a series of lectures titled
Some Concepts and Consequences of a Theory of Word Meaning.

Photo courtesy of Felix Bildhauer

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