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Postdoctoral Publications (@Harvard)


The Role of Metal Accessibility on Carbon Dioxide Electroreduction in Atomically Precise Nanoclusters  

Li, Y.#; Stec, G. J.#; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; McGillicuddy, R. D.; Zheng, S.-L.; Mason, J. A.* Chem. Sci. 2023, 14, 12283–12291.


Oxidation Chemistry of Bicarbonate and Peroxybicarbonate: Implications for Carbonate Management in Energy Storage 

Yan, Z.#; Reynolds, K. G.#; Sun, R.; Shin, Y.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Gonzalez, M. I.; Kudisch, B.; Galli, G.; Nocera, D. G.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2023, 145, 22213–22221.


Enhanced Activity for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Microporous Water 

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.#; Erdosy, D. P.#; Costentin, C.*; Mason, J. A.*; Nocera, D. G.* Nat. Catal. 2023, 6, 425–434.


Electrolyte-Induced Restructuring of Acid-Stable Oxygen Evolution Catalysts 

Veroneau, S. S.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Loh, D. M.; Hartnett, A. C.; Keane, T. P.; Nocera, D. G.* Chem. Mater. 2023, 35, 3218–3225.


Chemical Challenges that the Peroxide Dianion Presents to Rechargeable Lithium–Air Batteries 

Nava, M.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Lopez, N.; Cummins, C. C.*; Nocera, D. G.* Chem. Mater202234, 3883–3892. (Invited for Virtual Special Issue “John Goodenough at 100”).


Direct Seawater Splitting by Forward Osmosis Coupled to Water Electrolysis

Veroneau, S. S.; Hartnett, A. C.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Nocera, D. G.* ACS Appl. Energy Mater20225, 1403–1408.


Self-Healing Oxygen Evolution Catalysts 

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.;# Veroneau, S. S.;# Nocera, D. G.* Nat. Commun202213, 1243.


p-Block Metal Oxide Noninnocence in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acid: The Case of Bismuth Oxide

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Costentin, C.; Veroneau, S. S.; Nocera, D. G.* Chem. Mater202234, 826–835.


Energy Catalysis Needs Ligands with High Oxidative Stability 

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Nocera, D. G.* Chem Catal20211, 32–43. (Invited for Inaugural Issue).


Impactful Role of Cocatalysts on Molecular Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Production 

Margarit, C. G.; Asimow, N. G.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Costentin, C.*; Nocera, D. G.* ACS Catal. 202111, 4561–4567.

Graduate Publications (@NU)


Strong Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy Arising from Metal–Ligand Covalency in a Metal–Organic Candidate for 2D Magnetic Order

Wang, Y.; Ziebel, M. E.; Sun, L.; Gish, J. T.; Pearson, T. J.; Lu, X.-Z.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Hersam, M. C.; Long, J. R.*; Freedman, D. E.*; Rondinelli, J. M.*; Puggioni, D.*; Harris, T. D.* Chem. Mater202133, 8712–8721.


Insensitivity of Magnetic Coupling to Ligand Substitution in a Series of Tetraoxolene Radical-Bridged Fe2 Complexes

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Bjornsson, R.; Harris, T. D.* Inorg. Chem202059, 4634–4649.


Metal–Organic Framework Magnets 

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Harris, T. D.* Chem. Rev2020120, 8716–8789. (Invited for the Porous Framework Chemistry Special Issue).


Building a Sustainable Student-Led Model to Promote Research Safety in Academic Laboratories 

Wang, X.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Bachrach, M.; Blayney, M. B.* ACS Cent. Sci20195, 1900–1903.


Strong π-Backbonding Enables Record Magnetic Exchange Coupling Through Cyanide 

Valdez-Moreira, J. A.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; DeGayner, J. A.; Lutz, S. A.; Chen, C.-H.; Losovyj, Y.; Pink, M.; Harris, T. D.*; Smith, J. M.* J. Am. Chem. Soc2019141, 17092–17097.


Selective Binding and Quantitation of Calcium with a Cobalt-Based Magnetic Resonance Probe 

Du, K.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Harris, T. D.* J. Am. Chem. Soc2019141, 7163–7172.


Dramatic Enhancement in pH Sensitivity and Signal Intensity Through Ligand Modification of a Dicobalt PARACEST Probe 

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Harris, T. D.* Chem. Commun201955, 794–797.


Electronic Effects of Ligand Substitution in a Family of CoII2 PARACEST pH Probes 

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Tatro, S. M.; Harris, T. D.* Inorg. Chem201857, 11252–11263.


pH-Dependent Spin State Population and 19F NMR Chemical Shift via Remote Ligand Protonation in an Iron(II) Complex 

Gaudette, A. I.; Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Harris, T. D.* Chem. Commun201753, 12962–12965.


Ratiometric pH Imaging with a CoII2 MRI Probe via CEST Effects of Opposing pH Dependences 

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Du, K.; Collins, J. H. P.; Harris, T. D.* J. Am. Chem. Soc2017139, 15836–15847.


Spin-Crossover and High-Spin Iron(II) Complexes as Chemical Shift 19F Magnetic Resonance Thermometers

Thorarinsdottir, A. E.; Gaudette, A. I.; Harris, T. D.* Chem. Sci20178, 2448–2456.