From the LHC to Molecular and Bio-Electronics, and Onwards!

January 1, 2008

Daniel Schwaab was a student with Prof. Regina Demina's group for only one term, but he nevertheless made an enormous impression on the group's effort in silicon-detector development for the CMS experiment at the LHC. During his brief stay, he decided that, despite his success in the laboratory and the remarkable lectures of Prof. Ashok Das on quantum field theory, at heart, he was more interested in applying his love of physics to solving problems in his physical surroundings, rather than conquering new multi-dimensional worlds.

He returned to Germany in early 2004, and received his PhD within three years at Juelich in soft lithography (microcontact printing) and transfering of proteins and sub-100 nm patterns to arbitrary surfaces. With his thesis and patents in hand, and a thesis-prize from the Juelich Research Center, he embarked in early 2007 on a career with an audit company, but was immediately enticed to the powerful Commerzbank, where he manages credit risk from offices in London and Cologne.

Many of us recall Daniel's bubbly enthusiasm and immense focus, and wish him well in his chosen direction in life.

--Submitted by Professor Thomas Ferbel