The Goergen Institute for Data Science is the center for interdisciplinary data science research at the University of Rochester. With the establishment of the Goergen Institute for Data Science working groups, Director Mujdat Cetin has brought faculty from across the University of Rochester together, with the common goal of pursuing interdisciplinary data science research opportunities.

GIDS working groups facilitate collaborative research on data science, help to shape and update the strategic priority areas of the Goergen Institute, and build on the strengths of the University, while enabling clusters of faculty to initiate new research directions and collectively impact emerging research areas,” - Director Cetin.

The GIDS working groups focus on the following themes:

• foundations of machine learning and artificial intelligence
• imaging, optics, and computer/human vision
• life sciences and biomedical data science
• health analytics and digital health
• human-data-system interfaces
• AI-augmented learning and work

The Goergen Institute also supports research pertaining to three data science-related domains:

  • Health analytics
  • Artificial intelligence and cognitive science
  • Methods, tools, and infrastructure

Each domain is home to several New York State Center of Excellence in Data Science distinguished researchers.

Health Analytics

Data science can be used to predict individual health outcomes (also known as health analytics) on the basis of treatments, genomics, lifestyle, and behavioral factors, contributing to some of the biggest advances in healthcare research. Because of the huge impact data science can have on individual and public health, healthcare analytics has become a research priority fo the Goergen Institute. For more information see the health analytics research page.

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

Home to internationally recognized research in cognitive science and artificial intelligence, the University of Rochester is uniquely positioned to advance our understanding of how the brain makes sense of the world. Modeling and replicating human perception is one of the most ambitious and exciting domains of data science and Big Data.

University computer and cognitive scientists are using data science to make the world a better, more connected, and healthier place. For more information see the artificial intelligence and cognitive science research page.

Methods, Tools, and Infrastructure

Through interdisciplinary research, the Goergen Institute develops the computational methods, tools, and infrastructure that drive discovery in science, business, medicine, the humanities, and virtually every other field. This computational framework allows researchers to efficiently collect and manipulate large amounts of data, utilizing computing resources and statistical expertise to draw insights from it. For more information see the methods, tools, and infrastructure research page.